Tar Heel Window Washin’

Don’t have time to wash your windows? You’re not alone! Choose Raleigh’s favorite window washing team to take care of that dirty window that’s bothering you.

Phone: +1 (919) 480-1283
Tar Heel Window Washin

Full-Service Window Wash

Our full-service window wash makes sure that every square inch of your window gets the full wash ...

Easy Business Sales

We strive to make every business sale as easy as possible for you as our client. We are working o...

Tar Heel Mergers

It was announced late on Thursday evening, July 22nd, that Tar Heel Window Washin’ is teaming up ...

Dirt and Grime Assessment

Our ‘Dirt and Grime Assessment’ will tell you if you need your windows cleaned or not. We analyze...

Superawesome Washin' Team

We have the best Window Washin’ team you could put together really. Lisa and Andrew have all the ...

Window Preparation

It is always important to make sure that you properly prepare hyour window for being washed. Wind...

Clean n' Shiny Window Washin logo

Clean n' Shiny Window Washin

We get any grime and dirt out, down to the last detail. We usually charge $5 per small window and $10 for bigger/higher windows - but we never will charge more than $100. Online payments can be made through PayPal, CashApp, or Zelle.
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Window Washin Professionals

Our passion to effectively solve problems mashes perfectly with our entrepreneurial spirit. Learning how to wash windows is the easy part - the work ethic and our attitude set us apart.
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We Go The Extra Distance

We always promise to be the hardest workin' window washers in the whole damn state. We get those hard to reach spots; we aren't afraid of super hot heat. Bring on your window washin' project and we'll take care of it - full spread.