About Us

Tar Heel Window Washin’ started one night when Lisa saw a TikTok about washing windows and wisely sniffed out a great opportunity. Lisa showed Andrew the video and then he stopped what he was doing immediately, grabbed Lisa by the hand and went off to the store to get window washing supplies. The rest is history!

Just kidding - the first part isn’t exactly what happened, but it kinda happened that way. This business really does mean a lot more to Lisa and I than just a little side hustle. We invested a good chunk of money into getting everything set-up; we actually barely made budget with buying what we needed to get started - there was $0.07 left for me to “invest” or whatever I could do with seven cents. We are counting on you to trust our expertise in window washing, so we can start turning profits for our business and expanding our service offering.


Our #1 objective is always to make sure our customers are happy with our work. But it’s not always just about what you do, it’s about how you do it as well. We try to act with integrity with every transaction, interaction, and in everything we do. We aren’t in the business of just trying to make money, we want to build authentic relationships that make our job so much more than just washing windows and collectin’ dough - we truly appreciate helping out our wonderful customers.

We hope that you consider us for your window washing project or any other cleaning or labor projects that you may have coming your way - you can count on receiving first rate service from the team here at Tar Heel Window Washin’.